To apply to foster for Angels on Earth Rescue, please complete the form below.

This form is designed to provoke thought about whether or not you are prepared to offer the best possible experience to an animal in need. We expect several things of our fosters including compassion, perseverance, and reliability. Do you exemplify these qualities? Please give each question serious thought as it will help us to determine your eligibility. Sharing your home with an animal, even temporarily, is a responsibility to be treated with care and respect. Many of our animals will require extra loving care as they recover from illness or learn correct behavior. If you are up to the challenge and ready to reap the rewards of helping to save the life of an animal, apply today.


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    Have you ever owned or fostered an animal before? Please describe: which type, how long, if you still own or how long you fostered the animal.

    Do you own or rent your home?

    Are you allowed to have pets?

    Are there other people living in the home? If so, have they consented to having a new animal in the home?

    Do you or anyone in the household have pet allergies?

    Do you have a yard?

    If so, is it fenced in?

    If yes, how high?

    Do you have screens in your windows?

    Have you ever had to give up a pet?

    Are there children living at home? If so, please tell us how many and what ages.

    Are there other pets living in the home? if so, please tell us what species, breed, sex and ages.

    Are these pets spayed or neutered? If no, why not?

    Where will you keep the animal when you are away?

    Do you have an area to quarantine the pet from other animals if necessary?

    Are you aware that we often have animals who are in need of medical attention who may require extra patience, medication, etc? Are you prepared to do what is necessary to care for the animal's needs under a veterinarian's supervision?

    Please note: All health care of fostered animals will be provided by Angel's On Earth Rescue Inc. Please contact Angel's On Earth Rescue Inc for an approved veterinarian.

    Do you feel capable of handling and help to mitigate behavioral problems like "marking in the house," separation anxiety or fearfulness with or without a veterinarian or behaviorist's assistance?

    Can you describe any obedience training experience, or past personal experience with behavioral or medical issues?

    Please provide us with your veterinarian's name and contact information for a reference.

    Please provide Angel's On Earth Rescue Inc. with three personal references with telephone numbers. Only one of the three may be a family member. (Press Return/Enter after each number.)

    Are you willing to make an attempt to work through unexpected hardships with your foster pet within reason, i.e., house training, separation anxiety, moderate unruliness, fear, acclimation to other pets, etc? Yes Or No? Any Exceptions?

    Do you agree to contact Angel's On Earth Rescue Inc and only Angel's On Earth Rescue Inc in the event that an animal must be removed from your home?
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    I agree and understand that should I choose to adopt this animal, I am responsible for the adoption fee in full, as outlined on the adoption application, unless otherwise stated and agreed to by an Angel's On Earth Rescue Inc official.
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